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The Problem:

Did you know that ONLY 50% of NEW SMALL businesses make it to their fifth year, with the odds decreasing from there?

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy, approximately only 50% of small businesses reach the five-year mark.

And the sad truth is that as the years go by these survival rates tend to decrease. More and more businesses face significant challenges, including increased competition, market fluctuations, and the need to adapt to new technologies or trends. As a result, a growing number of businesses find themselves closing their doors.

This is alarming.

And the truth is, it's not because business owners lack dedication or hard work. One of the main reasons for failure is the formidable challenge of having marketing and sales strategies that produce tangible results, which becomes crucial in such a competitive environment.

Think about the daily grind of making your business work in a highly competitive environment. Every day, it's a battle to grab the attention of potential customers and, even more importantly, to turn them into paying clients.

The reality is that many small business owners are on the verge of failure because their marketing and sales activities are nonexistent or simply aren't done properly.

Most Small Businesses Fail Not Due to Lack of Dedication, but because of the absence of fundamental marketing activities in a Highly Competitive Environment

The good news is that there is a proven solution for any service business that wants to grow...

The Solution:

MEET The Four Proven Marketing AREAS Every SMALL SERVICE BUSINESS CAN (AND SHOULD) Optimize To Maximize Revenue Growth

There are four key marketing areas (also called systems or levels) that need to be optimized in order to maximize growth in today’s wired, always-on and hyper-competitive marketplace.

These marketing areas we’re about to present aren’t even new!

They’re not hifalutin’ gimmicks that were cooked up in the ivory tower or by some pie-in-the-sky TED-talk guru.

They’re proven concepts that have been tested, re-tested and tested again in the marketplace.

This is the R4 MODEL...

These are the four marketing levels every business needs to plan for and optimize to maximize their growth potential.

Data shows, and our experience proves, that each of these can account for about 25 percent growth on their own, and combined have a compounding effect that can ignite growth to 100 percent or more.

Now, the problem is that most businesses are operating without even being aware of these marketing systems, and how it is impacting their business.

Now, if you fall into the category of businesses that is not proactively working with these marketing systems, you are only going to see things get worse over time.

Get this: according to Hubspot, 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

Are you ready, both literally and figuratively, to answer that call?

Or are you going to let it ring until one of your competitors picks up the phone?

Are you ready to answer the call? Or are you going to let it ring until one of your competitors picks up the phone?

The System:

Introducing Profitwise AI, the game-changing All-In-One Marketing System built to empower Small service businesses to thrive in today's competitive market

Our all-in-one marketing system, Profitwise AI, serves small service businesses just like yours as the ultimate remedy to ineffective marketing. Profitwise AI activates and optimizes the 4 key marketing systems (R4 model) that are critical to creating growth. With Profitwise AI, you won't merely survive; you'll thrive.

For the small service business owner who provides outstanding service but doesn't have time to Also be a marketer, Profitwise AI offers an all-in-one, done-for-you marketing and growth system That helps businesses improve their reputation, increase revenue, and grow... automatically, without the cost of building a team or hiring a traditional agency

Profitwise AI uses the latest in technology and artificial intelligence to provide affordable marketing systems that help service-based small businesses grow by improving the R4 marketing areas... automatically.

The Profitwise AI all-in-one marketing system will automatically enhance all four marketing levels that your business needs for growth.

Inside Profitwise AI, you'll have multiple marketing "subsystems" that will operate automatically to enhance the 4 MARKETING levels (R4 MODEL), enabling your business to grow continuously

These are some of the marketing "subsystems" and feautures you'll be able to have when you access Profitwise AI. This marketing "subsystems" WILL lead your business to success. Guaranteed.

"CRM & Pipeline Management System": Empower Your Business Growth

Our 'CRM & Pipeline Management System' provides your business with a robust CRM capable of handling unlimited contacts and a flexible pipeline system designed to streamline your entire sales process. With our comprehensive solution, you can effortlessly organize, track, and optimize your sales journey. Harness the power of efficient customer relationship management and take your business growth to new heights.

"Universal Inbox System": Seamlessly Connect via Multiple Channels

With our 'Universal Inbox System,' your business gains the power to communicate effortlessly across various channels, including SMS, Phone, Email, FB Messenger, and Instagram Direct Message. Stay connected with your audience, manage conversations effortlessly, and provide exceptional customer support—all from a single, unified platform. Simplify your communication strategy and elevate customer engagement with our comprehensive inbox solution.

"SMS Capture & Convert System": Smart Marketing for Cost-Effective Growth

In this economic environment, being smart about staying in touch with prospects and customers while managing costs is crucial. Our 'SMS Capture & Convert System' is your solution for growing your text messaging list and your business simultaneously. Harness the power of text messaging to consistently connect with your audience, remind them of your services, extend special offers, and boost repeat business—all while keeping your costs in check.

"The Missed Call Text-Back System": Reclaim Missed Opportunities and Boost Revenue

According to a study conducted in partnership with Google, 68% of phone calls to small businesses go unanswered, leaving potential revenue untapped! Research underscores that delaying responses to leads by just five minutes can reduce the likelihood of contact by a staggering factor of 10x. In essence, missed calls mean missed opportunities, but we're here to help you recapture them! Don't allow short-staffing or busy schedules to cost you growth opportunities—let us help you seize them.

"Birthday Loyalty System": Boost Business with Special Birthday Offers

Unlock the power of personalized birthday offers to not only draw in new customers but also foster repeat business from your loyal clientele. Did you know that birthday emails outperform standard promotional emails by a staggering 179% in unique click rates and generate a remarkable 342% higher revenue per email? (Source: Experian) Let our system help you harness this remarkable potential for your business growth.

"Always Available Appointment Scheduling System": Seamless Appointment Scheduling

Our Calendar and Scheduling System revolutionizes the way you manage appointments. It offers an automated, user-friendly online scheduling system that seamlessly syncs with your calendars and can be tailored to your availability. Clients can easily book appointments online, and these meetings will automatically populate your connected calendars, complete with timely notifications. Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and hello to efficiency!

"Welcome Mat Lead Generation System": Optimize Your Website for Effortless Lead Capture

Before you invest another dime in lead generation advertising, it's essential to ensure your website is finely tuned to seize valuable leads from your existing traffic. The most effective approach is through proactive engagement using webchat and web forms that capture your visitors information. Let our 'Welcome Mat Lead Generation System' help you make the most of every website visit, converting them into valuable leads effortlessly.

"Google My Business Conversion System": Maximize Google Call and Chat Contacts into Opportunities

Don't Let Google Chat Inquiries Slip Away! Say goodbye to missed opportunities, and say hello to a steady stream of qualified leads. Our 'Google My Business Conversion System' is designed to seamlessly convert Google call and chat contacts into valuable business opportunities, helping your local business thrive in the digital landscape. Don't let these valuable leads slip through your fingers – supercharge your conversions today!"

"Google Reputation & Reviews Management System": Automate 5-Star Google Reviews Effortlessly

Boost your online reputation with our 'Google Reputation & Reviews Management System'. Effortlessly gather more 4 and 5-star reviews on Google My Business through automated processes. Build trust, attract new customers, and stand out from the competition with a stellar online reputation.

"Mobile Management App": Take Control of Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Take control of your CRM, pipelines, and universal inbox anytime, anywhere with our mobile app. Stay connected and manage your business on the go with ease. Never miss a business opportunity again!

Can You Visualize the Immense Opportunity Profitwise AI Can Bring to Your Small Business?

This Marketing System Will Propel Your Small Service Business to More Leads, More Appointments, More Customers, and Phenomenal Growth... And the Best Part? You Can Test Drive It Without Any Risk And Without Any Commitment With Our 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee!



We will conduct an audit to identify critical gaps in the four key marketing areas essential for your business.

Initial Setup

We'll set up and configure all the required marketing systems inside Profitwise AI to level up your marketing.


Profitwise AI will begin getting results for your business.

Continuous Improvement

Relax and let us continuously maintain, update, and improve the marketing systems for you.

Continuous Support

We are committed to being there for you continually, to assist and guide you whenever necessary.

Chat with an advisor to see if this solution fits your business!

Save Money:


Say goodbye to soaring expenses! With our comprehensive system, you'll not only save a fortune but also supercharge your marketing game.

Imagine the costs of hiring experts to set up automated marketing systems – at least $2,000 per system. Our solution includes nine complete marketing systems, a staggering $18,000 value.

Let's discuss funnels – the average cost of designing one is around $2,000. With us, you receive seven high-converting funnel systems, valued at an astonishing $14,000.

Moreover, you'd need a marketing expert or agency for ongoing maintenance, updates, and optimizations, which can easily cost you an additional $1,500 to $3,000 per month.

But the savings don't stop there. Profitwise A.I. replaces most, if not all, of the pricey software you could be paying for to access these types of systems and solutions.

Consider these expenses you could be saving when using Profitwise AI:

  • Leading funnel builders like Clickfunnels start at $97 per month, with the pro version at $297.

  • Premium page builders such as Unbounce begin at $90 per month and escalate to $225 for their advanced version.

  • Email systems like ActiveCampaign cost $149 per month for their most popular plan.

  • Quality web chat services, like Intercom, demand a minimum of $79 per month.

  • Messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software such as Calendly, and two-way texting services like SlickText can pile up, adding around $250 per month.

Recapitulating, to obtain a marketing solution similar to what Profitwise AI offers, you'd have to pay at least $32,000 for the initial design of the systems and funnels, $1,500 per month for maintenance, updates, and optimizations, $700 per month in tools, and additionally technical support when integrations between all the tools inevitably fail (as they often do), which can cost at least $500 per support instance.

Now, tally up these costs, and you'll quickly realize that Profitwise A.I. saves you at least $32,000 in upfront expenses and at least $2,000 in monthly costs.

Furthermore, did you know that Profitwise AI comes with its own mobile application? That's right, a mobile app whose development could easily cost you an extra $10,000.

But beyond the savings that Profitwise AI offers your business, it also provides unmatched ease of use, giving you the peace of mind of having everything you need in a unified tool. No more patching together various tools; enjoy the convenience of a single platform.

Choosing Profitwise A.I. is a no-brainer. Boost your revenue while saving!

Chat with an advisor to see if this solution fits your business!



Put us to the test! Try Profitwise AI risk-free for up to 15 days. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply send an email at, and you will receive a FULL refund.


Maximize Your ROI with Profitwise A.I.

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Access Profitwise A.I.

  • The ultimate Audit to identify significant gaps in the 4 key marketing areas essential for Your business (Value: $1,500)

  • Initial Setup of all the required marketing systems & Campaigns inside Profitwise AI For your specific business (Value: $3,500)

  • Onboarding Process (Value: $1,000)

  • Ongoing Maintenance, Updates, and Optimization of All Marketing Systems, Campaigns and Automatizations (Value $2,000)

  • Premium Customer Support & Assistance (Value $3,500)

  • Access our founder's private email for advice on any strategic or marketing questions you may have about growing your business (Value $2,000)

  • As an active member, you'll have exclusive access to private training and content covering various business topics such as marketing, sales, customer support, operations, and more – anything that can be valuable for enhancing and Growing your business (Value: $5000)

TOTAL VALUE: $18,500+

And not only is this incredibly valuable.

It also replaces $2,000 in costs... every month!

Choosing Profitwise A.I. is a no-brainer. Boost your revenue and grow your service-based small business while saving!


Our Solutions Start at Just $97 per Month!

Chat with an advisor to see if this solution fits your business!


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